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Why should your community choose to become a Naturist/Clothing-optional  “Nakation” Destination?

1. There is significant marketing support for Nakation Destinations in the State of Florida!

VISIT FLORIDA, Florida’s official tourism marketing agency, recognizes the value of Florida’s Naturist/Clothing-optional Beaches and “Nakation” destinations to Florida’s economy.
2. Florida is the premier destination of Nakation seekers!

“Florida’s clothing-optional destination resorts, social clubs and beaches attract the “special interest traveler” that is known to be more affluent, better educated, stays longer and spends more, leading to an annual infusion of over $4 billion to the Florida economy.”

2017 AANR Economic Impact Study (link)
3. State and National polls find that there is support for choosing to become a Nakation Destination!

“NEF/Zogby polls reported that some 31% of the Floridians (5 million) and 28% of Americans (70 million) would consider going to a nude beach if it was safe and legal, revealing a significant unmet demand for nude recreation at appropriate public  sites.” 

  • 73% of Floridians and 65% of all Americans agree that people should be able to enjoy Naturist sunbathing in approved locations
  • 69% of Floridians support setting aside public lands for Naturist recreation
  • 60% of Floridians polled support the choice to be a Naturist as a personal right

Naturist Education Foundation/Zogby Analytics 2015 Poll (link