Gulf Beach Naturists knows the value of “Nakationers” to Florida’s tourist economy!  Whether visiting from around the world, from within the U.S., or traveling from one of Florida’s many West Coast Naturist/Clothing-optional Resorts to one of its 4 East Coast Naturist Beaches, Florida’s Naturists generate over $7 billion dollars annually in Florida’s economy. 

What Gulf Beach Naturists believes is missing from the equation is a Gulf Coast beach that has been legally set apart for the skinny-dippers among us! 

Using the successful model of Miami-Dade County’s Haulover Beach and St. Lucie County’s Blind Creek Beach, both on the Atlantic Coast, Gulf Beach Naturists’ vision is to establish a legally set apart, safe, inclusive, family-oriented Naturist/Clothing-optional beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast nearer to the 10,000 Naturists of Pasco County.  And, to the thousands more who visit and stay in one of Florida’s 34 Naturist venues.

As the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come!”

Naturist Tourist Economic Impact Miami-Dade County/Haulover Naturist/Clothing/Optional Beach 2017

Annual Naturists Tourist Visits Per diem BenefitEconomic Impact HauloverTourists Average Night StaysEconomic Impact Annual
Total Direct Revenue Impact (per person)733,236$270.62$198,428,3266.05 $1,200,491,374
Hotel Food & Beverage Tax – 2%733,236$5.416.05
Tourist Development Tax – 2%733,236$5.41$396,85676.05$24,009,827
Convention Development Tax – 3%733,236$8.12$5,952,8506.05$36,014,741
State & County Sales Tax – 7%733,236$18.94$13,889,9836.05$84,034,396
Jobs Created from Naturist Tourists
80 tourists=1 job9,165 jobs added to Florida’s economy as a 
result of “Nakationer” spending

Data Sources: Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau’s 2017 Annual Visitor Industry Overview Report
Florida Dept. of Economic Opportunity (included in GMCVB Visitor Industry Overview)